The installation Places Of Interest explores the process of map-making and the ways we as artists can reappropriate given toolsets in our practice. One part of the installation will depict the process of selection and publishing of data by cartographers, in the form of a publication. Another part zooms into the cartographic tool of the legend, as the decoder of the symbolism used within map-making. Looking at the importance of the legend in regards to contextualizing the map as well as using it to highlight certain objects within our surroundings. The installation touches upon the correlation between cartography and abstract art and the questions the demand for a predetermined context. The installation focuses on different aspects within cartography and abstract art, some questions that I try to investigate within this installation are: Can certain cartographic tools influence the way we look at abstract art? How do my paintings communicate with the presented legend? Will my audience start visualizing spaces with the presented legend when they are confronted with a carto- graphic tool and abstract painting?