In the last four years, I have been building this artwork together with my classmates which became a temporary collective. We used to talk a lot about art in general and did not refuse a good beer and some tasty peanuts to complete the picture. In almost every opportunity there a peanut bag, I started collecting the shells for no reason at all. Then I realized that it became a part of our lifestyle, we carried the good memories with us but left the shells behind. As a response,  I framed it and claimed it as a piece of art that I call an artificial landscape. Despite the chaos in this work, you can see how the shells lie next to each other in perfect harmony. The pursuit of perfection is an important aspect of this landscape. What is the perfect landscape? What is Perfection? With those simple questions, I wanted to create a utopian state of mind which I tried to reach while intersecting with my friends. I tried to place these peanut shells in a round shape (without tools). The fact that this circle is not perfectly round says a lot about our (human) capabilities.  It also says something about our personal qualities, anyone could make this work but no one would perform it in the same way. The many details present in this landscape provide a certain dynamic in your brain when you look at it for a long time, so the experience is also a strong part of this work.