The installation: fuck. volgens mij doe ik feminisme verkeerd, translation: fuck. I think I’m doing feminism wrong, consists of 5 videos and a still image: Zelfliefde. In these works, Madelief turns herself into feminist stereotypes and partakes in improvised performances. Due to Covid-19 all the videos were filmed, edited and played by Madelief herself, which makes for an autobiographical and critical take on being a young woman in times of isolation; dealing with self-worth, loneliness and womanhood. What does it mean to be a feminist in these ever changing times and, is there perhaps a paradox between “super” feminism and misogyny.


This work will be featured at MAF, Media Art Festival (Friesland), HEM: All Inn (Zaandam) and is nominated for the Young Masters Award, November 2020.


The videos in the installation are played on small pink televisions. You can watch them underneath this text in a youtube playlist. To learn more about each video please read the small description on youtube. Note: descriptions on youtube are in dutch. 





Original sound.
Camera used: Canon PowerShot G7 X.