Over time, an egg took on a fascinating meaning, charged with psychological, emotional, and spiritual associations. Eggs speak a language full of symbolism that artists and craftsmen have used over the years to emphasize certain ideas about human existence and the supernatural. The hidden development of a germ within the fragile eggshell has a certain spiritual connection with humans. In fact, mankind arose from the same nature and can therefore describe itself as a manifestation of an egg. So it also symbolizes creation, fertility, and life. In ancient Egypt, the egg was written in their cosmology as something sacred. It became the universal germ, the original core that exploded under the influence of an unknown core and gave birth to the universe. Back then, the priests in ancient Egypt refused to eat eggs because it was an insult to creation through the destruction of the germ. In the Asian context, it was assumed that only dark chaos reigned during the creation of the universe. So the universe would be an egg, which was the origin of all life. In Christianity, the ostrich egg was associated with the hope and promise of spring. The egg has become a symbol of the new life given by God that begins in Jesus Christ.

This work symbolizes the rebirth as a whole. In every beginning there is also an end, everything that lives will die one day, but in a material form. These eggshells are placed in a circular shape on the floor, which represents the earth. This circle is made of (homemade) charcoal. Charcoal is made from wood, wood is made from tree trunks - which is born from a seed, which comes from our mother nature. The chemical transformation of wood to charcoal comes from the combustion of matter, which is also linked to the death of the tree. In this way, you see in every step a change of matter, a rebirth in the abstract sense of the word. Everything is interconnected. The eggshells also symbolize the outside. The outside is what we can perceive, is the dust, and is impermanent, like our body. But the mystery is on the inside, the germ, which we cannot perceive. The inside in this context is the soul that lives on. It is who you really are, your true identity. These eggshells are painted with tempera paint, made with the same egg yolk and charcoal pigment. The earth is where man is located, where man grows both spiritually and physically. The external growth is limited, meanwhile the inner can expand or reduce. It depends on what kind of life you live and the choices you make (if you can make a choice). In this work, I try to bring that spiritual growth forward, where the viewer has to look deeper at himself. Not looking at oneself in the mirror but through a window.