Sounds from the Tapis is a collaborative performance that explores where speech sounds are produced. Perfomance September 4th in UBIK Gallery, Rotterdam. The basis of the score is directed by an artwork from my graduation year.

The object "Prometheus": The object, which places itself between the fine lines of tapestry and sculpture, is a 6 by 3.5m tongue-like script. The symbols within the individual cotton tiles are produced from dead bean stalks. Each tile is binded by latex. The work was inspired by a intuitive process that I can only describe in fable form:

"Cotton tiles dyed in red clay. Germination of supermarket beans, kidney & black. Sprouted then sown with their stamens and pistils displayed shamelessly. In their finality a script is born."

In the work I seek to encourage the inclination of reading and provoke a need to interpret the work as a 'written' passage. It is in a way to put forward the hierarchies and power structures we have in languge without putting actual words onto it. I want the onlooker to have an awareness of the observational dimensions within the tapestry and explore what influences their reading structure.

In the final performance a group of 6 artists and musicians come together in three different sessions to decipher the sounds from these imagined symbols in the tapestral sculpture. Under my facilitation, we created a score inspired by the different articulators of the mouth (tongue, tonsil, throat and teeth). 

In this orchestral ensemble we organize the noises in three movements.