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Some are sarcasm. Everything is encrypted. Nothing is what it seems. The mirror world is where I live, where I truly live because this realm will never be ready for what can live inside the mirror. Obscured for safety reasons. The past few weeks’ fighting have been proof of that. I must simply stfu and remain still until the portal opens for real. I am ready, the portal isn’t. I am patient. Vodka.


Back and forth




You can’t do this, you can’t do that


A few moments ago, everything seemed so clear in my mind


Like trying to hold water in one’s hands, uncontrollably it all escapes through the cracks


Thanks, gravity.



The gravity of the situation


What is love?




“Twelve years ago...”




“We were just little children, barefoot in the dust. We didn’t know televisions or McDonalds. We only knew that..."



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